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Monday 14 August 2017

Exciting news from Chartway Asia, our partners in China.  The new office and works complex is finally starting to take shape. The main construction work has been completed and the fixtures and fittings phase is now under way and on target for completion in August.

It’s being constructed on their own property adjacent to the existing development and will comprise 3,200 sq.metres of office space to accommodate the sales, admin and accounts staff as well as providing executive offices for senior managers and directors.  The new factory building will be a further 50,000sq.metres including a section for the Hot Stamping / Forging shop where the 32 sets of Hot Forging Machines (25 Tonne to 400 Tonne capacity) will be housed.  In addition there will be a number of production cells for the wide range (3mm to 200mm ø) of Precision Semi Automatic & Fully Automatic CNC Machines.  There are also plans to add additional manufacturing equipment such as Rotary Transfer Machines, further news on our blog when we have more details.

Following completion of the fixtures and fittings phase the job of moving into the new plant will commence.  The office staff will be the first to move, followed by moving, setting up and re-commissioning of the machinery.  The project is planned (and on target) for completion in September, at which point the entire workforce of around 400 will be re-housed in new, state of the art offices and factory accommodation.    

All-in-all a massive step forward for our partners in China ensuring further improvement in the level of quality and service we are able to provide you, our valued customers throughout the UK and Mainland Europe.