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Monday 14 August 2017

Along with it’s neighbours in Garratt Street, Chartway has been subjected to a bodged, quick fix, patch-work road surface that’s all too familiar to road users right across the UK. 

So after years of complaining about (but still having to put up with) this appalling road surface outside Chartway’s engineering works in Brierley Hill, West Midlands, the Highways Agency has finally succumbed to pressure and the road is being completely resurfaced!

Now apart from wanting to shout this from the roof-top, the thing that makes this news item even more impressive is the ‘pressure’ was applied by our customer services apprentice, Hayley Buckley.

Hayley contacted the Highways Agency and complained about the general state of the Garratt Street road surface, pointing out that following the latest ‘patch up’ outside our works we had been left with a very high kerb and an exposed drain cover (see above image), causing a potential health & safety hazard.   

So when you next have a similar issue our advice is give the task of tackling the authorities to that young ambitious girl in your team. 

And remember, when you next visit Chartway to discuss your Precision Engineering requirements expect a ‘smooth ride’ down our street as well as the usual warm welcome from all of us!  

Finally, a big thank you to Hayley of course and to the Highways Agency for their positive response to the pressure applied by our tenacious young apprentice.