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CMM Machine

Thursday 30 September 2021

Chartway has invested in new Co-ordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) which will improve and enhance the level of quality control we can offer. 

A CMM machine, in the most simple terms, is a device used to measure the geometry of an object or part. A variety of probes are used to "touch" the surface of the parts at different points, which creates an eletronic pulse. This is then fed into software which maps outs these pulses and forms a dimensional drawing of the object. Dependant on the size of the object, this could be repeated to gather hundreds or thousands of points. 



What are the Benefits to Using a CMM Machine?

  • Accuracy and Reliability: In comparison to hand held gauges and other digital measuring techniques, the CMM uses CAD comparisons to increase accuracy to a tighter tolerance level. 

  • Versatility: The array of probes and techniques available on the CMM allow for complex parts, which would normally be difficult to measure, to be checked relatively easily. 

  • Repeatability: The CMM allows for repeat measurements of identical parts. Once the object has been mapped once, the program can be stored to check the same part again and again. 

  • Future-Proof: As manufacturing methods continue to develop, and more complex objects can be created, the use of traditional guages and tools to measure parts will become almost obsolete. The CMM allows us to prepare for the manufacturing changes of the future and the production of more complex components.