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The Beginning

Sub-Contract Precision Engineering company formed in 1992 with a range of Brown and Sharpe Single Spindle Cam-Auto Machines producing components primarily in brass. In those early days of growing the business the significant clients include Manufacturers of Brake Systems for Road Trailers; The Rail Industry; Sport and Leisure Industry (Snooker Cue Connectors); Plastic Injection Moulding (Threaded Inserts); Heating and Ventilation.


Growing Steadily

The business grows steadily throughout the nineties providing precision machined components to wide variety of industries. During this period, we began supply (in small volumes) to a major boiler manufacturer


Major Client

By 2001, the same boiler manufacture is now taking a range of over 60 different bespoke parts in annual volumes from a few thousand to over half a million. The effect of this enhances the company’s reputation resulting in more major UK boiler manufacturers choosing Chartway as their preferred supplier for bespoke turned parts.


Asia Supply

Through the first eighteen months of the new millennium the company start to see a significant change in purchasing trends brought about by competition from China. More and more clients are looking to source from there and this is beginning to slow the company’s growth. In response Chartway locate a source of supply in China and by the end of 2002 has established a trading partnership called Chartway (Asia) Ltd, producing hot forged and machined components for the UK and European market.


New Machinery

During the next two years over 60% of the brass components made at the UK factory on the cam-auto machines are moved to China. The cam-autos are replaced by modern CNC Sliding Head machines allowing Chartway to offer both fine-limit bar turned components from the UK, as well as hot forged and machined parts from the Far East.


Continued Investment

Chartway continue to invest in improving the business, with the purchase of quality control equipment (Keyence Measurement System) and also an ultrasonic cleaner to keep parts contaminent free.



Chartway invested in a new Co-ordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) which improved and enhanced the level of quality control offered.