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World Engineering Day

Thursday 4 March 2021

Today is World Engineering Day, where we recognise the achievements made in the engineering world, and how engineering has such a large impact on modern life and living sustainably.

Here at Chartway, we realise that corporate sustainability is more than just our carbon footprint, and follow the "Three Pillar" approach which is becoming popular with industries worldwide. 

The Environmental Pillar

This is often the most considered when thinking about sustainability; how our actions impact the environment and what we can do to reduce this. We have already put the following in place in attempt to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • We use bio-mass energy for all of our on site heating
  • We have replaced all lighting, with more energy-efficient LED options
  • We utilised a cycle to work scheme, and somemembers of staff now work from home permanently, whilst others do cycle to work rather than drive
  • We use recycled packaging, and where possible have reduced the amount of packaging we use. 

The Social Pillar

This pillar relates creating a sustainable workplace, both for staff on site and neigbouring premises, and also includes social support in the supply chain and local area through fundraising and community engagement

  • We have a code of ethics to ensure all staff are safe, and treated fairly at all times. 
  • Chartway invest more than the required commitments into staff pension schemes
  • We sponsor, through AquAid Water Coolers, a well in Africa to support communities and their access to clean, running water. 
  • We support local charities and heritage sites (most recently raising money for Dudley Zoo through Emma's walking challenge) where we can. 

The Economic Pillar

In order to be sustainable, a business has to be profitable. However, profit can never come at the cost of the other core pillars. This is controlled through implementing risk management, compliance, and governance, all of which is covered through Chartway's ISO procedures in place. By having a profitable company, it allows for re-investment into the future to ensure that staff engagement is kept high, and environmental impact can be kept low.