Environmental Sustainability

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Our Responsibilty

Chartway manufactures and sources parts from the UK and Asia. In today’s world customers and consumers want quality products/low prices and instant availability. However, caring about and looking after the impact to the environment around us is also fast becoming a high priority topic that manufacturers can no longer ignore.

At Chartway we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Because of the nature of our business we appreciate that we cannot be impact free when it comes to the health of our planet, however we are doing everything we can to reduce our own direct impact and also that of our suppliers and customers.

Our Action

Heating, lighting and electrical consumption do not extend to the full carbon footprint we create as a business. Each year we are targeting a reduction in our packaging, our fuel consumption, the use of paper and water.

Even with all these initiatives in place, our carbon footprint is still positive. We are working hard to achieve carbon neutrality; adopting the principles set out in PA2060. The journey is a long one but we are taking big steps to quickly reduce our Co2 footprint.

Each year we calculate our Carbon Footprint which includes that our of our employees personal footprints using Co2 Census software. We then publish that data and invest in verified gold standard decarbonisation projects, which include reforestation and carbon scrubbing, which offset the balance of our carbon footprint.

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Our Sustainable Operations

We are currently working towards ISO 140001 Environmental Management in our bid to lower our environmental impact, but already have sustainable operations in place.


Our mains electricity supply comes from renewable sources only


We only use LED technology to light our factory, warehouses and offices


Our UK facilities are heated by renewable sources using a biomass boiler


We offset our carbon footprint by investing in certified de-carbonisation projects


We recycle and reuse our cardboard boxes & we are working towards a paperless business


We actively encourage and promote certified schemes for cycling to work and car sharing