Wire Cutting

What is Wire Cutting?

Wire cutting is similar to standard CNC turning, but is completed on much smaller raw material to form components up to 6mm in diameter.

Components can me produced in a variety of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, nickel, brass, copper, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze and aluminium, with batch quantities ranging from 500 pieces to 1 million.

Escomatic Machine

Wire Cutting / Escomatic Process

Completed on Escomatic Lathes, the wire cutting process is slightly different to that of conventional CNC lathes, as the material does not turn or spin.

Instead, the stock material is fed into the machine (usually in coil form) and remains still whilst the cutting tools, mounted onto a tool head, rotate around the material to produce the desired shape on the components.

Escomatic Parts

As with standard CNC lathes, escomatic machines can be equipped with a variety of tools to complete drilling, tapping, milling, and even broaching.

The one advantage of using these machines is the level of autonomy. As the machine is coil fed, once programmed it can be left to run until the coil of material runs out; so is often left to run “lights out” without human intervention.