Quality Control at Chartway

Quality Control
Quality control is the cornerstone of our business; we pride ourselves in supplying high quality precision components to our customer. Specifications and tolerances are all inspected utilising independently calibrated measuring…

Preventing Quality Problems

Quality Control
Everyone hates receiving items and finding that they aren’t to the quality that was expected. Rectifying these problems; or having to re-make the parts, can lead to missed lead times…

What is a Keyence?

Quality Control
The Keyence is a visual inspection system, that uses a series of lights, sensors and cameras to provide automated and instant measurements of components; instead of using verniers, callipers etc.…

What is ISIR?

Quality Control
ISIR stands for Initial Sample Inspection Report and is an important part of the sample review process. The report calls for the manufactured components to be measured and the key…

What are Go & No-Go Gauges?

Quality Control
What are Go/No Go Gauges? Go and No-Go gauges are tools used to check the tolerances of components or workpieces; commonly used to check thread depth and internal/external diameters. The…

What is a CMM?

Quality Control
We have a CMM Machine, but what exactly is it? A CMM (or Co-ordinate Measuring Machine) is a device that measures the size and shape of a physical object (in…
CMM in Action

New CMM Machine

Chartway has invested in new Co-ordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) which will improve and enhance the level of quality control we can offer. A CMM machine, in the most simple terms,…

New Inspection Services

Quality Control
Here at Chartway, we can offer a number of inspection services to qualify that your parts are dimensionally correct to your drawings. As part of any order for bespoke parts,…